Breaking Business Boundaries: Exploring New Horizons in Latin America

A Journey to Uncover Opportunities, Avoid Pitfalls, and Forge Strong Ties

At Kuntur Ventures, we’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking series of online events for this last period of 2023: “Breaking Business Boundaries.” These events are designed to explore the incredible opportunities, avoid potential pitfalls, and discover the insider nuances within some of the diverse markets of Latin America and other allies from countries outside the region interested in creating ties with us. Our primary goal is to foster and strengthen bilateral relations, and we’re excited to unveil the event schedule, so take note of your calendar and save the date!

Why Doing Business with Latin America?

Latin America boasts an unparalleled business landscape, rich in cultural diversity and economic potential. For those eager to expand their horizons, it’s a region ripe with possibilities. However, navigating these markets successfully demands a deep understanding of their unique challenges and intricacies.

What is “Breaking Business Boundaries”?

“Breaking Business Boundaries” is an immersive series of events designed to lead you through a captivating exploration of Latin America’s diverse markets.

Our mission is two-fold: to empower investors, business executives, and entrepreneurs with the essential insights and connections required for expanding their ventures and embracing soft landing programs within the region. On the flip side, we are committed to equipping worldwide companies, investors, and startups interested in scaling up within the region with the necessary tools and information to understand the rich cultural nuances, both commonalities and distinctions.

Our aim is to cultivate stronger ties between Latin America and the global business community.

Event Agenda

Mark your calendars for the following exciting events:

  1. September 20th – Israel: Our journey begins with a deep dive into the Israeli perspective on Latin American markets. Gain insights from key industry players.
  2. October 4th – Spain: Explore the Spanish perspective and its historical ties to Latin America’s markets. Learn from Spanish business experts.
  3. October 18th – Poland: Discover the unique opportunities and insights from the Polish business community with interests in Latin America.
  4. October 24th – Brazil: Delve into the largest market in Latin America and gain exclusive insights from Brazilian entrepreneurs and investors.
  5. November 8th – Mexico: Explore the vibrant Mexican market and learn from successful business executives who have made their mark in Latin America.
  6. November 22nd – Canada: Conclude our series with a look at Canada’s role in Latin America’s business landscape. Hear from Canadian business leaders who have expanded into the region.

Our Commitment

Kuntur Ventures is dedicated to nurturing cross-cultural understanding, sustainable business practices, and mutually beneficial partnerships. We believe that by facilitating international expansion, we can create a world where businesses flourish and communities thrive.

Join Us on This Journey

About Breaking Business Boundaries Organizers

Ron Engelberg

Business strategy expert with more than 30 years of experience in technology. After his studies in Electronics Engineering, he joined the Israeli army where he started his career, and went through military and semiconductor industries which led him to lead a team of +150 engineers in the USA from Silicon Valley. Entrepreneur first in Fintech, EdTech, and MedTech industries, lately in Web3 and Blockchain. Mentor of different accelerators and projects empowering women in technology such as AdaITW & eWomen. He completed his MBA studies with a specialization in Marketing and Communication at the University of San Andres.

Nohelia Sanchez

Founder of Kuntur Ventures, a seasoned professional with a diverse skill set spanning digital business, marketing strategy, sales, and internationalization. A former entrepreneur in the travel tech industry, she brings a wealth of practical experience to her role. She holds a degree in Corporate Communication from Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia, an MBA from the University of Derby in Israel, and a Diploma in Incubator and Accelerator Management from the Universidad de Salamanca. Certified as a mentor by Madri+d, she also serves as a lecturer in entrepreneurship culture, business, and marketing strategy. Her business approach is agnostic, with a particular passion for cultural project development.

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Stay tuned for updates about the detailed agenda of each event and our esteemed speakers. Let’s break boundaries, seize opportunities, and forge lasting relationships across Latin America!

¡Vamos juntos! (Let’s go together!)

Stay tuned for event details and updates from this “Breaking Business Boundaries” series of online events. If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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